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New Zealand Business Article


If ever there is a country that simply oozes with incredible balance between nature and Commerce and Industry and takes seriously the issues surrounding Genetic Modification to Nuclear Power then New Zealand is the "pick of the bunch".

New Zealand has a political voice around the world, and our defiance in the face of political pressure and destroying our alliance with the United States in relation to Nuclear Warship visits at the expense of our free trade agreement is to be commended.

Then being the target of international terrorism as a result of our stand against Nuclear testing with the French in the Pacific, and chasing the Japanese away from poaching whales in our localized waters. New Zealand is the guardian of the oceans that surround us and anything that resembles a whaling ship, we are there to protect the diminishing whale populations. I would say New Zealand stands well in place as the top country in the world that has made its stand for being Eco Friendly, and a friend of the earth.

If anyone has visited this country they will know what incredible beauty our country portraits including our mountain ranges in the South Island along with naturally formed Mountain lakes that dot there way through the central South Island. Then our beaches in the far North bristling with golden sands and mild tropical temperatures and easy swimming waters. The amazing and unobstructed freedom to be able to go and walk rain forests in the South Island and ski the slopes in the Central North Island and South Island.

Then there is the option of taking white water rafting, canoing, kayaking and swimming our clean rivers. New Zealand has learnt the value of our tourism industry and keeping it so generations of people are able to experience the views and sights of our great country. We have a very strict quarantine standard stopping anything that would come into our country and destroy the Flora and Fauna. New Zealand is lucky to virtually be isolated from International woes and wars that would under any normal situation tie us into making major contributions in defense spending and being a target of International Terrorism.

New Zealand is a country that is Nuclear free, we will not stand for Nuclear Power or stock Nuclear weapons and New Zealand is looking now at ways of producing energy that is safe for the planet and to the environment such as Wind Power, and Solar Power, and Steam Power from our Geothermal Reserves. We cannot stand for Coal Power, we cannot stand for Nuclear Power, we cannot stand for Gas Power, and anything that has a chimney is heavily regulated.

New Zealand is Green and Clean, and i am really lucky to be living in this country due to its policy of Eco friendliness. New Zealand invests heavily in environmental technologies that help to recycle waste and to put money into new developments that sustains our forests and water resources. Our main source of exports is in Agriculture, in Horticulture and in Tourism. We are a country that builds and sustains soil resources and we grow from the ground for export. If you ever want to enjoy our supreme nature at its best then make a trip to New Zealand.

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