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New Zealand Business Article

New Zealand Real Estate Investments

There are a number of options in New Zealand real estate to make it a solid and profitable investment. There are basically three things to look at in the New Zealand real estate market that will aid you. Think about investing in rental properties, beach front living, or you may even want to consider a vineyard for your international real estate investment.

In terms of rentals in New Zealand real estate, you will want to start your search in or near a larger city, since this is where most of New Zealand’s population resides. Auckland is the most modern and well known of the New Zealand regions and is really the only one with an active market for real estate.

With little or no effort, your international real estate investment may be a New Zealand rental which can fairly easily return 12% annually. Rentals will give you an annual and continual return on your investment and with New Zealand being a fairly hot rental property market right now, New Zealand real estate may just be your best rental investment property bet.

Another thought is the idea of New Zealand real estate as an investment for resale. This is not a bad idea if you are trying to diversify your international real estate investments. Looking around Auckland, in the Bay of Islands, or in Queenstown, you should be able to find New Zealand real estate that is not only affordable, but also increasing in value and easy to purchase. Ease of purchase is important since in many countries international real estate investment is frowned upon.

In New Zealand, you will likely only run into trouble if you try to purchase a large piece of land on the ocean or close to Auckland. New Zealand real estate of this type will require you to get the approval of an Overseas Private Investment Council. The council was set up to prevent US and Japanese investors from buying all of the good New Zealand real estate and pushing out the natives.

Now if you are not really looking for New Zealand real estate as an international real estate investment, so much as a place to live or retire, then you may want to consider areas other than Auckland. Larger, more isolated, and enjoyable homes are located in regions where the New Zealand real estate market may not be increasing so quickly.

Lastly, if you are considering New Zealand real estate investments, you may want to think about a vineyard. The Marlborough region of New Zealand offers some of the best wine making in the world. Since the rest of the globe is just now catching on to this, an international real estate investment in New Zealand vineyards may be just the way to go.

New Zealand real estate offers buyers an opportunity to make money in a number of ways. However, it is important to understand the value that may be there when considering a move or retirement in New Zealand. With the US dollar’s strength, good property prices and a beautiful country, you will likely profit in some way whether it is through a rental property, a vineyard or a resale property.

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