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New Zealand Business Article

How To Select A Good New Zealand Motorhome

New Zealand is an outstandingly beautiful country with an unending sequence of dream landscapes. To do justice, you will love the experience of travelling around in a New Zealand motorhome

Ensure that the hire company includes 24 hour AA (Automobile Association) roadside assistance.

Campervans normally come loaded with bedding, cutlery, gas cookers, fridges etc to make your holiday stress free. Ensure that the hire cost you pay includes living equipment as well. Some operators may charge extra for equipment.

Ensure that your campervan of choice meets your requirements exactly. A variety of models with advanced features in terms of seating and luxury at various prices will add to the confusion. So double check with your vendor to get exactly what you need.

The price of your vehicle rental of choice will determine the age of the vehicle itself. Most campervans in New Zealand range from 10 year old campervans to recent models with newer fit-outs.

An important criterion that will determine your travel plan and budget is the type of fuel your campervan will consume. Diesel is a cheaper than petrol and will cut your travel costs substantially. Generally, the larger vehicles are diesel though only a handful of vendors offer smaller diesel campervans.

Find out clearly what is included in the daily cost of your campervan hire.

Your age is a vital factor. If below 21, you should check with your hire company if you are eligible to drive in New Zealand. Most companies have 21 as the minimum age. Find out if you have any age associated surcharges.

Ensure that you check the vendor's ferry crossing policy if you are going to both North and South Island. Some companies offer depots at Wellington on North Island and Picton on South Island while others do not. From travel experience, it is easier to ferry the vehicle across and drive away rather than unload it on this side, cross and repack a new vehicle on the other side and make new contracts.

Jucy Rentals is committed to providing its valuable clients fantastic motorhome deals to help you enjoy your New Zealand travel stress free. A few distinguishing features of our service include:

Jucy Rentals offers 24 hour vehicle replacement policy whereby failing to repair a faulty campervan within 24 hours, a new vehicle will be delivered within 24 hours

Jucy camper van rental costs include all equipment and appliances.

Jucy offers a variety of campervan models for hire namely the Crib, the Cruiza, the Chaser and the Charga. All these are custom built and hired out at extremely economical prices.

The Crib runs on petrol and the Chaser runs on a mix of petrol and diesel. Both the Cruiza and the Chaser run on diesel.

Each Jucy camper van hire rate includes the GST (Goods and Services Tax), standard insurance and unlimited mileage.

If aged 18 and above, you are eligible to drive a Jucy campervan in New Zealand at no extra cost. Your insurance excess payment will have a slight increase.

Jucy does not have depots on either side of the ferry crossing. You have to take the vehicle with you on the ferry crossing which Jucy provides at discounted rates to its customers.

Jucy Rentals is the fastest growing motorhome company in the New Zealand camper van hire industry. Our camper vans are an amazing blend of state of the art appliances and optimum use of space to deliver you the utmost in comfort and style and at the same time not hurt your purse strings.

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